♦ Hội Trưởng:
   Bác Mai Nghĩa
♦ Hội Phó:
   Bác Trương Văn Trọng
♦ Tổng Thư Ký:
   Anh Phan Văn Công
♦ Thư Ký (Bắc Cali):
   Trần Văn Ninh
♦Thủ Quỷ (Bắc Cali):
   Nguyễn Xuân Phú


Hai Nhuan Northern Cali
P.O. Box 6022
Hayward, CA 94540



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Dear Parents/Students


In the spirit of fellow village relationship, HDHLHN Northern California has implemented a Scholastic Achievement Program in 2010 to promote and to commend Hai Nhuan descendents exceling academically.  Being the second generation in America, the organization continually encourages academic excellence in hope of positively contributing to society and serving the communities in which they later reside, as well as preserving the tradition of Lang Hai Nhuan.

The program is funded by former Lang Hai Nhuan residence living around the world as well as by local business owners. The program recognizes over 50 students last year and is expected to grow annually; each recipient is awarded an official certificate plus a cash price ranges from $100 to $ 300.

Each year around August, the organization announces the program details via village meetings, the website (www.langhainhuan.org) of the organization, and/or by invitations. All students in grades 7-12 can apply for the recognition, if they meet the conditions for participation. The Academic Committee determines eligibility for award base on official transcripts of the school of which the students attend.


We ask all parents and students to submit this online application and mail required documents before June 30.




Below are the eligibility criteria

  1. Descedent of Lang Hai Nhuan, Hue, Viet Nam
  2. Students of Grade 7-12 in good standing
  3. Has Grade Point Average (GPA) greater than 3.5
  4. Email report card to info@langhainhuan.org or hand-delivered to a member of the Committee

List of Scholastic Achievement Award recipients


Academic Year 2009-2010

♦ Academic Year 2010-2011

List of Honor Students graduated from high school and attending different universities

Ben Nguyễn Hoàng

Dartmouth University

Parent(s): Hoàng Biên/Trần Vẻ


Kelly Nguyễn

Standford University

Parents: Nguyễn Hửu & Hoàng Thu


Hùng Phạm

Yale University

Parents: Phạm Lê & Nguyễn Hương

Hoàng An-Vy

UC San Diego (UCSD)

Parents: Hoàng Bường & Nguyễn Hằng

Mai Lily

UC Berkeley

Parents: Mai Tư & Nguyễn YẾN

Hoàng Tammy

UC Los Angeles (UCLA)

Parents: Hoàng Tào & Nguyễn Quê




.::Thư Chúc Mừng, Phan Von

.::Thư Chúc Mừng, Phạm Hùng

.::Thư Chúc Mừng, Hoàng Tammy

.::Thư Chúc Mừng, Nguyễn Kelly

.::Thư Chúc Mừng, Mai Lily



.::Thư Chúc Mừng Tân Khao Hoàng Thị Tú

.::Thư Chúc Mừng Tân Khoa Trương Thị Mỹ Na

.::Thư Chúc Mừng Tân Khoa Trương Thị Mỹ Liên

.::Thư Chúc Mừng Tân Khoa Nguyển Thị Nhung

.::Thư Chúc Mừng Tân Dược Sỉ Nguyễn Thị Cẫm Hương





Lang Hai Nhuan of Northern Cali cordially invite all parents to send us information of their child(ren) who is attend/graduated from college. The Board of Committee hopes to recognize Lang Hai Nhuan descendents who have earned a PhD, Master, or Bachelor's Degrees and publish in the organization's yearbook published each August.


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